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Soul Plus

Soul Plus was developed and started production in Singapore in the year 2020. 


The economic recession caused by the recent pandemic made the founder of Sumari Sense decide to create Soul Plus to help more people create wealth. 


Soul Plus has a clean breezy scent that can help users improve their mood. Using Soul Plus also helps bring great abundance. It is just like the idea of "Heng! (Lucky) Ong! (Prosperous) Huat!(Prosperity)" that the founder likes to share. 

The main ingredients of Soul Plus include sandalwood and sage. 

Sandalwood has a natural healing power, which can help people to eliminate anxiety and find inner peace so that they can focus better.

Sage can help relieve stress and improve mood by soothing stress and removal of negative energy. Through this process, your energy level will be boosted to the next level.

Soul Plus is indeed a special product worth having.

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